Support Services

Our dedicated team offer additional support to provide the best possible care for our patients.

For many patients, referral to us occurs in conjunction with, or after treatment by other health professionals. We can assist you with managing this often complicated, stressful and time consuming period by:

  • providing multiple care support

  • assisting in understanding the potential impact and outcomes of treatment (physical and emotional) and helping you take charge of your experience

  • assisting with scheduling appointments with other health specialists.

Anne King

Dip Pract Mgt. Dip. Couns

Practice Manager and Patient Care Consultant


Anne has over 30 years experience working in the health sector and has worked with Mr Thien for 20 of those years. She has a high level of knowledge regarding surgical and hospital processes and provides practical support for all patients.

She understands that the experience of treatment can be overwhelming for both patients, families and their support network. It involves putting normal life on hold, rethinking goals and plans for the future.

Anne is dedicated to contributing to a personalised treatment approach which addresses this complexity, both physical and emotional. Her approach is patient-centred – she is passionate about providing support for clients in order to maximise outcomes.

Patient Care Record

Our patient care record is individually tailored for each patient. It is a practical resource that allows you keep all important information together and provides useful information and contacts during the course of your treatment.

Accommodation in Melbourne for country patients

For patients coming from country areas requiring accommodation whilst in Melbourne, please phone our main rooms on 03 9421 0355 to discuss suitable local hotel/motel accommodation. Travel Assistance Forms are available from your referring doctor. Please bring this form with you to your appointment for Mr Thien to complete the relevant section.